Hygiene for makeup artists

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Hi! It’s great to have you here.  Due to the current situation, a lot of people take more care of everyday hygiene. As a makeup artist, I always find hygiene really important part of my job and I spoke about it on my social media, but it’s probably the right time to bring this back again. So if you are a makeup artist or makeup enthusiast doing your friend’s makeover you might find it important.

Hygiene for MUA’s.

1.       Prepare your makeup station. If you have a studio it will be quite easy, as you just only have to clean your desk with sanitizing wipes and then you are ready to go. If you run a mobile service it might be easier to put tissues on the surface you are going to use for your brushes and products. Don’t put your brushes directly on the surface that was not cleaned, there might be some spillage, bacteria or dust, which you will transmit into someone’s face.
2.       Clean your hands before you start touching the client’s face. ALWAYS. And remember to clean it again if you touched your phone, scratched your nose, sneezed, put your hair up, etc.
3.       Use disposable applicators. This is the most important part, please read it twice and remember forever! Do not reimmerse brushes in liquid products! It’s definitely easier to sanitize powder products as you can wipe their surface with tissue and spray them with isopropyl alcohol. But when it comes to liquids, you only have to dip a dirty brush once to contaminate products with bacteria. Remember to put all liquid and cream cosmetics on a clean dish/mixing palette with a spatula.  I know that a lot of top makeup artists put concealer, mascara or lipgloss straight from a tube into the model’s face. Why they do that? Some of them are ignorant, some – lack of knowledge, but some can afford to give all of the used products to their client. Am I harsh? I still think that if all makeup artists understand how many diseases they can pass doing service, they take it more seriously (google: ophthalmia, chalazion staphylococcus, herpes).
You can buy disposable wands online or even in Primark. Oh, and let’s make it clear – every time you want to get more product, use a new applicator!
4.       Put dirty brushes in a separate makeup bag, don’t put them back to your brush belt.
5.       Spray all products and accessories (spatula, mixing dish, lash curler, sharpener) that you used with alcohol and wipe them with a clean tissue. Remember to sanitize all lip liners and eye pencils as well.
6.       Clean your makeup bag regularly.
7.       Use your common sense… if you pass an infection to one client, it might really affect your business.

 If you have any comments please share them below, so we can educate each other!


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